DiSC Webinar with Cammi Bailey

Owner Content 05.31.2016 | Moderator: Cammi Bailey

Learn more about how DiSC can help you to hire right and motivate your team.

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03.29.2017 | Host: Dr. Rebekah Cardenas

Have you ever had a costly bad hire? Have you wished there was a tool built specifically for hiring the right people into vet practices? If you answered yes to either of these questions, find half an hour to watch this video. In this webinar, Dr. Rebekah Cardenas explains the Veterinary Compatibility Questionnaire (VCQ), a simple, affordable,…

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01.09.2017 | Host: Jim Wilson with Ben Spinks

Learn how to understand restrictive covenants in your contracts with associates and others.

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10.25.2016 | Host: Jason Castner, CPA, CVA

Learn more about cost of goods sold, the KPI that Jason Castner of Lacher McDonald Co., CPAs looks at first to evaluate a practice’s financial health.

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10.02.2016 | Host: Karen Osborne, CPA, MBA

Learn how to use key performance indicators to monitor your practice’s financial health with Karen Osborne of Lacher McDonald & Co., CPAs.

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