Dr. Josh Storm

Woodley Gardens Veterinary Care

Loan Type: Acquisition

Dr. Josh Storm always knew he wanted to be a practice owner. He was just waiting for the right practice. After years of studying under highly successful business owners, he found his opportunity: Woodley Gardens Veterinary Care of Rockville, MD.

Dreaming of practice ownership

Dr. Storm, a graduate of University of Florida, College of Veterinary Medicine, always knew practice ownership was in his future. That’s why he spent his first years out of school gaining valuable knowledge about ownership by studying under the highly successful business owners who would become his mentors.

We have a unique and fortunate opportunity as veterinarians to practice medicine and own our own business. I’m proud to have bought a practice and made it my own.

Finding Woodley Gardens

Dr. Storm was patient in his effort to find a practice to buy, waiting for the right fit. His main criteria were community, opportunity to grow and an exceptional staff. Woodley Gardens, a single-doctor practice located outside of Washington, DC, had all three. With great location and a high focus on medicine and diagnostics, Dr. Storm knew that this was the ideal practice for him to grow into a multi-doctor operation.

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