Dr. John Talmadge

Bigger Road Veterinary Clinic

Loan Type: Construction

Dr. John Talmadge has worked in several different capacities within the veterinary industry. When the opportunity came up in 2007 to purchase and expand a two-location practice in Dayton, OH, he decided to add practice owner to the list.

Leaving and returning to practice

Dr. Talmadge is no stranger to the ever-changing and evolving veterinary industry. Dr. Talmadge graduated from Colorado State University College of Veterinary Medicine and practiced in Colorado before joining the Iams Company as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Veterinary Products.

Dr. Talmadge left Iams and become a practice owner in 2007 when he and his partners bought Bigger Road Veterinary Clinic, a two-location practice in the Dayton, OH suburbs that was founded in 1976.

Veterinary medicine is evolving. Now is the time to reinvest in your practice, expand your services, and make your practice the convenient first choice for medical care, training, rehab and boarding.

Renovation and expansion

Recently, Dr. Talmadge spearheaded Bigger Road’s major renovation and expansion of their Springboro location. The practice had a vision for a full-service veterinary practice that offered full-life care, wellness, speciality services, behavior consultation, alternative pain management, training and daycare services as well as retail. The renovation was successful and now Bigger Road is able to accommodate all of these additional services.

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