Dr. Amber Carter

Cat Care Clinic

Loan Type: Acquisition

After starting her career at the Cat Care Clinic of Ormond Beach, FL, Dr. Amber Carter returned - this time, to become the owner.

Opportunity knocks

Dr. Carter attended the University of Central Florida before pursuing her veterinary education at North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine. After graduation, she found her first job at the Cat Care Clinic of Ormond Beach, FL. After several years at the clinic, Dr. Carter returned to North Carolina, but not for long. The Cat Care Clinic’s owner offered Dr. Carter something she couldn’t refuse: an opportunity to buy the practice.

I turned my dream of running a successful, multi-doctor practice into a reality. My practice allows me to establish professional and financial success for myself and my family.

Proven leadership skills

Dr. Carter, a recipient of the Excellence in Feline Medicine and Surgery Award from the AAFP, was well-qualified to own a feline-only practice. Being part of the practice’s staff prior to ownership also contributed to a seamless transition. Dr. Carter had led medical seminars during weekly team meetings and was able to contribute to the management of the staff before the keys were in her hands. Her proven leadership skills made the previous owner and staff very supportive of this exciting change.

The Cat Care Clinic allowed Dr. Carter to create financial and personal stability for herself and her family. Her husband, Kenny, even came on staff, bringing his years of management and leadership experience to the position of practice manager.

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