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Owners take on debt for a variety of reasons – to acquire practices, start their own or expand their offerings. These loans add up, decreasing cash flow and potentially introducing instability into the business. If you’re juggling multiple monthly payments or variable interest rates, then refinancing might be for you.

Refinancing with Calico helps you to consolidate your debt payments and secure more favorable terms for your loans, increasing cash flow and keeping payments stable and manageable. By refinancing, you can re-invest in yourself and your business while taking greater control of your financial well-being.

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Improved stability and cash flow

As your business grows, you’re able to secure better terms for the debt you take on. With a refinance, you may be able to decrease monthly payments, increase cash flow and stabilize your interest rates.

Custom-designed options

We strive to make our loan options as flexible as possible. Refinancing solutions are based on your individual cash flow and ability to support monthly payments.

Investment in long-term growth

Increased cash flow means you have more money to put back into your business. Our growing library of educational resources helps you to become the best owner you can be.

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