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Acquiring an existing practice is one of the most exciting ways you can build your legacy. Through acquisition, you can achieve greater financial stability and a new sense of independence as an entrepreneur.

Calico helps by providing veterinary practice acquisition financing that takes into account the high cost of education and the increased consolidation of the industry so that practice ownership becomes much more achievable for independent veterinarians. We also invest in your long-term success with educational resources and opportunities designed to make you not only a great veterinarian but a savvy business owner as well.

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Managing Director Travis York describes what to look for in your acquisition.

Travis York | Managing Director

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Flexible, customized loans

Calico offers financing solutions that are custom-designed to encourage your success in the long term. Our borrowers can access more financing, including 100% financing, so that they get started on their construction projects earlier.

Accurate, transparent financing

We provide you with a detailed outline of your financing options so that you gain a deep, actionable understanding of your situation and can decide on your best path forward as a practice owner.

Resources and experience

Our team brings over 40 years of experience to the table with every construction project. That includes access to architects, contractors and vendors as well as our growing network of educational resources.

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Dr. Josh Storm

Woodley Gardens Veterinary Care

Dr. Josh Storm always knew he wanted to be a practice owner. He was just waiting for the right practice. After years of studying under highly successful business owners, he found his opportunity: Woodley Gardens Veterinary Care of Rockville, MD.

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